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Standard Painted Winch Bar

Original price $13.90 - Original price $13.90
Original price
$13.90 - $13.90
Current price $13.90
  • Length: 35”
  • Non-Slip Handle
  • Angled Nose
  • Painted Black Finish

If you’re looking for the right winch bar to complete your tie down assembly, then Cargo Control Store Standard Painted Winch Bar is one that’ll exceed your expectations.  The Standard Painted Winch Bar has improved strength and durability, meaning you’ll be able to rely on it for securing heavy cargo for years. 

Our Standard Painted Winch Bar features a tapered and angled end, as well as a handle with two knurled sections for superior grip and control. A flanged mushroom tip helps to keep the bar in the winch cap and provide a more secure connection while using the bar. We’ve engineered our winch bar with a knurled slip-resistant and comfortable handle to make your cargo securement job easier and more efficient.

This standard winch bar has a painted finish to protect the bar from rust and corrosion and remains the standard for all your tie-down needs.

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