Series E-Track Flanged, Vertical, Powder Coated


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  • Material: 12 Gauge Steel
  • Finish: Black Powder Coat
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Rail Length: 10′
  • Rail Width: 5”


You’ll be able to experience the security of having multiple anchor points for your cargo securement job once you install Cargo Control Store’s Powder Coated Series E Vertical Logistic Track. These rails can easily be bolted to any surface, across the wall or floor of your cargo van, flatbed trailer, or your pickup truck bed with screws, rivets, or by welding. It can be used with series E end fittings, beam sockets, and decking/shoring beams, offering you some more flexibility for the tie-down method of your choice.

This 10-ft. long vertical E-Track is made of 12 gauge heavy-duty steel, painted gray and powder coated that ensures a durable and polished finish. It is perfect for securing pallets, cardboard boxes, motorcycles, and similar medium-sized loads. All vertical rails are also ideal for anchoring load bar shoring beams that lock freight as well as create beams on which plywood can be placed to create multiple levels of cargo storage.

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