5/16″ Clevis Grab Hook


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  • Material: Steel
  • Size: 5/16”
  • Grade: 70
  • Assembly Break Strength: 18,800 lbs
  • Working Load Limit: 4,700 lbs
  • End Fitting: Clevis Grab Hook


We’ve designed our heat-treated carbon steel 5/16-inch Transport Grade 70 Clevis Grab Hook to provide you with a non-slip grip on your chains for reliable securement every time you use a chain to tie down your load. The shallow throat allows you to easily connect and disconnect the hook from its attachment point, and once it is connected, it’ll stay that way throughout transit as it works to stabilize your load and prevent any shifting from occurring. The zinc plated finish is an added bonus to help prevent corrosion from wearing down the hook’s lifespan.

Our 5/16″ clevis grab hook is very common on transport chain ends, and are made specifically for 5/16″ Grade 70 transport chains and are known for being highly durable when towing vehicles and securing heavy equipment. This high-quality Grab Hook can survive even the toughest conditions

All our Grade 70 Grab Hooks meet the NACM and ASTM requirements.


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