40 mm x 110 yd Lashing Straps, B.S. 11,000 lbs – Orange (Set of 2)


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Width: 40 mm(1.6 inch)+/- 2mm
Breaking Strength: 11,000 lbs
Meterial: 100% High Tenacity Polyester
Color: Orange
Size: 40 mm x 110 yd long (1.6 in wide x 330 ft long), 2 Rolls


We offer highly durable lashing straps in various widths and strength for all your project needs. Purchase the 40mm x 110yd bulk roll in orange to secure cargo and loads, and to create various lengths of straps.

Our lashing straps are ideal for securing loads and cargo when transporting on trucks, flatbeds, containers, ship, and rail. Our lashing straps are also popular for bundling products, round containers and tubes, wood, metal and much more. Our lashing straps are safe to use on coated products, since they won’t damage the coating.

Our lashing straps allows you to secure your equipment and products safely and damage-free. Use our lashing straps as safe and cost-efficient alternatives to steel strapping and other conventional load securing gears.

Use our lashing lashing straps for bundling loads to easily pick up and stack. Our lashing straps have a high retained tension that create a secure, tight bundle during transportation. Even under rough road conditions, your cargo will stay secured.


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