4” x 30′ Winch Strap With Wire Hook


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  • Color: Yellow
  • Length: 30′
  • Width: 4”
  • Assembly Break Strength: 16,200 lbs
  • Working Load Limit: 5,400 lbs
  • Webbing Break Strength: 20,000 lbs
  • End Fitting: Wire Hook


We know how dangerous unsecured cargo can be. One small bump in the road and your untied 4×4 can go spiraling into a passing vehicle’s windshield. When used properly, our 4” x 30′ Wire Hook Winch Strap can help prevent such a problem.

With a working load limit of 5,400 Lbs/ 2,450 Kgs, our straps are made out of polyester webbing, which includes a tight weave that enhances its durability. Able to resist abrasion and harsh weather conditions, our polyester webbing was designed to take on the job even under some of the roughest conditions.

Our Heavy Duty Narrow Hook is made out of heat-treated carbon steel and coated in a zinc plated finish to help it endure corrosive environments. The quality of our manufacturing shines through when these two are put together and are put to the test.

All Cargo Control Store Winch Straps are tagged with their working load limit to meet the DOT regulations.


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