4″ x 30′ Yellow Winch Strap With D-Ring


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Have you noticed any holes in your old Winch Straps? Any tears, stains, burn holes, abrasive wear, or loose ends? If it has even a minuscule rip in its webbing, your strap is too dangerous to continue using. It’s time to get a new one, and it just so happens that our 4-inch x 30-foot Delta Ring Winch Strap is all ready and waiting for you. Able to handle a working load limit of 5,400 Lbs. / 2,450 Kgs., our Delta Ring Winch Strap was designed to handle the heavier loads with ease.

Slip the heat-treated carbon steel Delta Ring end fitting into nearly any hook on your trailer or vehicle and give it a tug. You’ll feel the underlying strength of our gold dichromate Delta Ring as it refuses to give under the pressure, even when faced with 5,400 Lbs. / 2,450 Kgs.

You’ll also feel the smooth versatility of our polyester yellow webbing. Twisting the webbing won’t leave wrinkles and pulling won’t leave it stretched out. Even when faced with severe weather conditions, our polyester webbing refuses to back down from the job, offering you reliable support with your cargo tie-down requirements.

All Winch Straps are labeled with their working load limit on their tags.


Color: Yellow
Length: 30′
Width: 4”
Assembly Break Strength: 16,200 lbs
Working Load Limit: 5,400 lbs
Webbing Break Strength: 20,000 lbs
End Fitting: D-Ring

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5 in


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