4″ x 30′ Ratchet Strap with Wire Hook


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  • Color: Yellow
  • Length: 30′
  • Width: 4”
  • Assembly Break Strength: 16,200 lbs
  • Working Load Limit: 5,400 lbs
  • Webbing Break Strength: 20,000 lbs
  • End Fitting: Wire Hook
  • Ratchet Handle: Long Wide Handle


Our industrial strength 4-inch polyester webbing, our 4-inch x 30-foot Wire Hook Ratchet Strap comes standard with an 18″ fixed end length and is equipped with gold dichromate heat-treated carbon steel Kinedyne 1016 Narrow Hooks that yield a working load limit of 5,000 Lbs. / 2,267 Kgs.

Our Wire Hook Ratchet Strap is versatile enough to be used with nearly any kind of load. Our signature polyester webbing can withstand abrasion and intense weather and has the versatility and durability to securely fasten a variety of loads. The Wire Hooks are narrow enough to slide through some of the more difficult to reach anchor points. In the end, nearly everyone can rely on the strength of the 4″ by 30′ Wire Hook Ratchet Strap to get the heavy-duty tie-down job done quickly and securely.

Achieve maximum tensioning with little effort when you use the strength of our 4-inch Long Handle Ratchet. Built to withstand the demands of the cargo control industry, we’ve engineered this Ratchet from heat-treated carbon steel with an anti-corrosion zinc plated finish to give it the strength and durability you need for your heavy-duty tie-down jobs. Versatile and reliable, our Long Handle Ratchet is prepared to handle heavy-duty cargo securement jobs with ease.

All Ratchet Straps are labeled with their working load limit on their tags.


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