Tiedown Hardware

Tie-down hardware can be divided into three major categories: tensioning devices, end fitting, and securement points. Cargo control store carries multitudes of ratchets from the lightweight one-inch cam buckle, two-inch over-center buckles to four-inch heavy duty wide handle ratchet buckle. These buckles come in a variety of shapes and strength for you  Our end fittings include a variety of flat hooks, S hooks, S Hooks with Keeper, snap hooks, wire hooks ranging from one inch to heavy-duty four-inch wide mouth double hooks, delta rings, o-rings, E-Track fitting, and a wide variety of others. Our securements points can be from lightweight mounting bracket to Heavy Duty Weld-on D-ring and painted and galvanized E-Tracks.

From heavy-duty ratchets to reliable end fittings and strong securement points, we can custom produce the most appropriate tiedown assembly for your load. Please contact our experienced sales team with any assembly questions or difficult cargo securements and we will be more than happy to find the best possible tie down solution. By combining multiple choices for tie-down fittings, to the wide selection of ratchet and cam buckles straps with the strong securement points, we will make transferring your loads much simpler.

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  • 1 3/4” Overcenter Buckle Stainless Steel

  • 1″ Heavy-Duty Zinc Plated S Hook – 100 per Bag

  • 1” Cam Buckle BS 550 lbs

  • 1” Standard Handle Ratchet

  • 1” Strap End Flat Mounting Plate

  • 1” Strap End Mounting Plate

  • 1” Vinyl Coated S-Hook

  • 1” Wide Handle Ratchet

  • 2″ Cam Buckle

  • 2″ Cam Buckle One-Piece

  • 2″ D-Ring Heavy Duty

  • 2″ Flat Hook