Lumber Tarps

Our lumber tarps come in 8 feet drops, 6 feet drops and 4 feet drops. The tarps can cover up to 48' trailers with dimensions of: 24'6" x 26' x 8'3" with 8' x 8" tail, 20'6" x 26' x 6'3" with 8' x 6" tail, and 16' x 27' x 4" with 8' x 4' tail. Dee bands are 30", 60" and 90" up from hem. Made from durable 16 oz. waterproof vinyl fabric, these tarps will give your load the protection it needs along with sustaining a long work life. Extra reinforcements can be made utilizing the grommeted edges and D-rings along the tarps. These tarps are hand-sewn and thoroughly inspected for the highest quality workmanship.

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Cargo Control store lumber tarps are made to cover 8' tall cargon on flatbed trailers. To cover 8' tall load, a tarp with 24' or wider is needed. The trailer width is considered to be 8'. 8' height makes it 8'+8'+8 which makes it 24' In flatbed trailer industry, 8', 6', or 4' are common drop sizes for any load. Due to the commond trailer width, 8', 6', or 4' drop lumber tarps are often called 24', 20', and 16' width tarp, respectively. Lumber tarps have popular length of 27'. A couple of 27' can cover up to 52' long load, with the overlap of 2'. Lumber tarps have D-Rings and grommets for an user to tie down to the trailer. Our 8' and 6' drop lumber tarps have 3 rows of D-ring, equally spaced on each side. 4' drop lumber tarps have 2 rows of D-rings on each side. D-ring and grommets are placed every 2' on center. Depending on the drop and width of the trailer, different sized flaps are attached to the tarp. 8', 6, and 4' drops have flaps sized 8'x8', 6'x8', and 4'x8', respectively. Same number of D-ring rows are sewn on flaps as well. Between sides and front flaps, there is an extra tarp material to make rain flaps to prevent rain coming in the gap between the front flap and the side. Each d-ring is held by seatbelt webbing and sewn with 2" heavy duty webbing directly to the tarp. UV treated thread is used for stitching to ensure long life under the sun.

Steel tarps are more for general cargo covering application. Steel tarps do not have front flaps. Rather, they are sized such that you can use it lengthwise or widthwise. For instance, 16'x25' tarp can be used 16' being width or 25' being with. If 16' side is used for width, then the tarp becomes 4' drop tarp. 25' is used for 8' drop tarp application if used. Please be sure to notice the number of d-rings on all 4 sides when you choose the right tarps.

The material that makes our tarps are specially engineered fabric that has 16.5 oz. weight but has better durability than regular 18 oz. fabric popular in the market. The main factor that determines the strength and durability of the tarp fabric is the mesh count of the fabric. Our mesh count has more yarns inside and is better reinforced than regular truck tarp fabric. Thus, it provides heavier duty resistance to rips and damages from wind flaps.

Years ago, light weight nylon tarps were popular among truckers due to its light weight and easyness of application. Please be careful using light weight nylon tarps on their permeability of water due to that the nylon cannot be welded. All our PVC coated polyester lumber and steel tarps are made by joinging the seams together using heavy duty PVC welding machine. It creates water tight seams and does not let the water to go through. Sewing seams however create a needle home and water can smear through the holes. Sewing holes are usually okay to have on the sides where water just get shed off. If sewing holes are on top of the cargo, it may damage the product when the truck is not in moving status.

Due to the heavy weight of lumber tarps, Cargo Control Store has a special edition of lumber tarps, which are called three piece set. Three piece set consists of two short lumber tarps in the front and back end of the load, and steel tarps are covering the load in the middle. We have three different length of 3 piece set lumber tarp which are 16', 18', and 20' long. They are easier to be handled and used.