Cargo Control Store stocks a variety of flatbed Products including Ratchet Straps, Winch Straps, Winch Bars, Webbings, Tie Downs, Corner Protectors, Rubber Rope, Ties & Chains, and Chain Binders

Flat Bed Products

Unlike a walled boxed van trailer, flatbed trailer drivers have more versatility by hauling loads from every side of the trailer. Whether it be lumber, steel rolls, or wide load products, flatbed trailers have the ability to haul these kinds of loads most efficiently. That is why the use of straps, chains and flatbed trailer products is so important. They fulfill the securement portion of the transport much like the walls with a dry van. Depending on what the products are, we offer a wide variety of products to accommodate the safe transport of your loads. Cargo Control Store carries all the products for flatbed trailer such as winch straps, chains, ratchet straps, truck ropes, and more at very low prices. Always refer to current federal regulations on the proper securement requirements.