Decking / Shoring Beams

Our aluminum decking and shoring beams come in two different grades: heavy duty and standard. The part number FE8066 indicates standard, yet strong, aluminum decking and shoring beam. The aluminum is extruded high strength aluminum. The weight is low to be easily handled by a user, and it provides the maximum strength. Beam heads are made of steel to provide longevity. Kinedyne brand decking beams have a unique latch called "KwikLatch" which provides ergonomic finger tab and easy release. Kinedyne beam also has a key hole slot to be hung on the E track using a E track pin. Heavy duty aluminum decking and shoring beam is again extruded from high strength aluminum. Aluminum used in heavy duty application has 25% more aluminum than that of standard version. Heads are steel. Kinedyne brand aluminum beam has a key hole slot and ergonomic finger tab called "KwikLatch." The part number begins with FE8000 for Kinedyne brand aluminum beam.

Steel beams are also available in Cargo Control Store. Steel beams are more cost effective; however, the weight is a lot heavier. Due to the low cost for its quality, it is widely used for a company that has multiple trailers and consumes large number of beams. Steel beam can be used for decking and shoring application.

Decking beams are installed to create an extra level above a pallet. Usually pallets cannot accept another load on top. Decking beams are inserted right above and before the rear and front end of the pallet, which is usually less than 4'. Another level is created to put extra pallets on top. Decking beams have different work load limit and one needs to be careful using them as aluminum or steel decking beams.

Shoring beams are used so that the cargo does not move inside the trailer. Aluminum or steel shoring beams are inserted into E track right in front/rear of the load to prevent cargo from moving to the front or to the back. Shoring beams are easier to be handled. All shoring beams are attached from the left to the right of the trailer. If a user need shoring application along the length of the trailer, E track tie downs or straps must be used.

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